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#Newyearnewwardrobe: Trends that must be replaced

Hey ladies, it’s not too late to get rid of those cliché trends; I’m here to help you figure out which wardrobe pieces should be replaced this year, and what trends to get instead. With a little help from my favorite fashion bloggers, here are some trends that must go & ones to replace them with!

First to be replaced: Boyfriend Jeans

But wait! Before you get all worked up, think about how common and over worn the style is. Boyfriend jeans, you’ve served us well, however, it’s time you be replaced with high-waist, wide-leg (or bell bottom) jeans. These pants can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a white T-shirt. They’re super comfy and versatile, just like your beloved boyfriend jeans. Here’s Sheryl Luke, of blog Walk in Wonderland sporting both trends. On the left she wears the 2015 trend, boyfriend jeans, yawn. And to the right she’s wearing one of my favorite trends this year, bell bottom denim pants!

Images from Instagram @walkinwonderland

Trend to be replaced: Metallic Pieces

Here’s a tip: everything that glistens isn’t gold. Yep, I'm talking about that shiny New Year’s Eve party dress you purchased 2 years ago and still haven’t worn. Don’t even stress about trying to find a place to wear it now, we’ve already found its replacement: big, bold, large-scale prints! This trend, is equally as fun as those metallic wardrobe pieces, but much more versatile. Here’s blogger Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily wearing the 2015 trend on the left, and showing us just how good of a replacement bold prints are on the right! So fabulous!

Images from Instagram @clairesulmers

Trend to be replaced: the Crop Top

Crop tops were always an easy way to feel sexy, but it’s time we retire this trend. Trade in your crop tops for off-the-shoulder or Bardot blouses instead. I say, leave the midriff alone, and expose those shoulders! This trend exudes sex appeal in a new way. Here’s blogger Nini Nguyen of Ninistyle wearing that tired 2015 trend on the left, and slaying in her off-the-shoulder sweater on the right. Imagine how that over the shoulder #ootd shot will look while wearing this new style!

Images from Instagram @ninistyle

Trend to be replaced: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are so 2014! Spice it up this year with a statement choker instead. The choker trend is trending on and off the runway. It can be worn as an accessory, but some garments are made with a built in choker! So, get rid of the statement necklace seen in the top photo and check out how blogger Micah Gianneli sports this 2016 trend in the bottom 4 images. I love how bold this style is!

Images from Instagram @micahgianneli

Trend to be replaced: The Fitted Blazer

Yes, this trend has been faithful to us, making every outfit a little more professional. However, it’s time for something a little less…expected. So, we think belted boyfriend blazers will do the trick. Any blazer, (preferably over-sized) accessorized with a waist belt (to show off the figure) is much more flattering and fashionable! Here’s blogger Folake Huntoon of the Style Pantry wearing a fitted blazer on the left, and a belted blazer on the right. Much more stylish, right?

Images from Instagram @stylepantry

Trend to be replaced: Denim Jackets

Sorry to inform you, but denim jackets? Yeah, overdone. But don’t worry, we’ve found two trends to replace this one! Bomber jackets or even utility jackets are this seasons replacements! They’re both equally as comfortable as denim jackets and also equally as versatile. Check out blogger Sheryl Luke from Walk in Wonderland as she sports all three trends. Time to dismiss the denim jacket on the top, and welcome the two options at the bottom into your closet!

Images from Instagram @walkinwonderland

Finally, I'm not suggesting you replace any more items, however, I must ask that you introduce this new style into your wardrobe if you haven’t already. I'm talking about none other than the slip dress! The style is comfortable, versatile, and oh so sexy! Check out some of my favorite it girls rocking the slip dress trend!

Images from Instagram @badgalriri @saintrecords @walkinwonderland

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