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When in New York you go to brunch! Ha, this look is a tbt from my summer spent in NYC, but I love the look & got so many inquiries about it, so I had to share it with you! This has got to be the funnest pair of trousers I've ever purchased. I saw them at Zara & instantly fell in love! I don't know about you, but wearing the color red & a pair of heels just makes me feel so powerful and 10 times more confident. I paired the pants with a blue and white stripped shirt which I also found at Zara. Who knew they'd be so perfect together?! The nude lace up heels are from Steve Madden and the handbag is Aldo. I think it's imperativeeee to not have one versatile shoe, but to have multiple shoe options. A lot of women think they can get by with having one black & one nude. No, you need multiple styles in multiple colors. Thank me later. Hope you liked the post, check back next week!


IMG_5767 (2)

nude heel & one black heel. No ma'am. You need options. multiple styles in multiple colors. Hope you enjoyed, check back next week for more!


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