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For this look I chose to go for a casual outfit that could be easily transformed with a change of shoes. I stopped by on Black Friday and got this coat for what? Like, $13.00?! Such a cute coat for such a good price. I know how easy it is to buy certain pieces in neutral tones, in hopes that we can wear them multiple times, but you’ve gotta live a little! I paired my coat with a matching pink top, a thrifted pair of mom jeans, and sneakers from Betsey Johnson. To spice it up a little more, I added a pair of block heels from Shoenami Nola in a monochromatic tone. Block heels and monochrome are two of my favorite trends right now. The cuffs are from Forever 21 and the earrings are LoveCulture. & the best handbag award goes to this one from Aldo! It's so versatile and roomy, I got it in New York so I could carry around an extra pair of shoes for those days I had to take the subway and still wanted to wear heels! Damn I miss those days! Let me know if you like this look & stay tuned for more versatile looks coming soon! All photography by Nick Linson

DSC00890 (2)

DSC00898 (1)

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