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Thank God for good clothes, good seats, and good friends! This weekend I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) fashion show as a guest of a close friend. The show was amazing & took place in the SCAD Museum of Art Courtyard. Yes, the event was outdoors, so, no, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of some damn good selfie lighting! For this event I chose to go for a look that was minimal, but elevated. The pants you see here are one of my favorite silhouettes purchased for $20 from The button down worn under was from H&M and the corset was purchased at a random store in Louisiana. I love this look because it’s so…me. Classic, sophisticated, and clean. This is just a reminder that every outfit you wear doesn’t need to be over adorned and accessorized, you don’t need to do the most to make them hear you. Minimal is a statement as well. Check out photos from the event and my outfit details below!

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