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As fall nears and we begin to trade out our off the shoulder tops for turtle necks, it leaves me asking myself “What to wear in between?” You know, for those days when it’s chilly in the morning and as the day progresses, it gets warmer and warmer. Or those days when the breeze is a little too heavy for cut off shorts but not quite Chicago-windy-city for a full wool coat. Trying to figure out what to wear is a challenge in itself, so figuring out what to wear for transitional weather is another level of complicated.

To help you get through this phase, here are some things you may not take into consideration when dressing for transitional weather, but should. First, layering matters, even if you don’t have your full body covered, it’s okay because layers do create friction & maintain body heat enough so you don’t need to have every inch covered. Color is also a vital. As you know, darker colors give off a more Fall/Winter vibe and attract heat. So, even if you’re not fully bundled mid-January style, wearing darker colors like black or plum helps. Socks can also be worn to add warmth to your favorite pair of shoes. They act as another layer of protection against the elements and a cute accessory to re-vamp your summer shoe.

This look is one of my favorites thus far because it’s perfect for those breezy days, when the sun is still in full effect. The corset trend is still a huge deal in fashion right now and I love this one because it’s a new take on the trend with two sides that lace up, and it was a steal. I got it from a consignment shop in New Orleans for $15! I purchased the fishnet socks from the same place. The culottes and earrings were purchased from Forever 21 a few years ago and I got the shoes from I love the heel because it is sensible and very comfortable for a full day’s wear. Moral of the story, don’t allow the weather to ruin your fashion sense! Wear what you want and wear it fearlessly and fabulously!

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