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Let me tell you something about being fashionable; it doesn’t have to be expensive. Contrary to popular trends like the YSL sparkly slouchy boots and Chanel Boy Bags sported by our favorite celebrities and influencers you can look great while being frugal. I got this red blazer for less than $10 from a thrift shop. I was lucky enough to not have to change the buttons because they were already in one of my favorite colors, gold, but I did choose to take out the shoulder pads to make it look a little less severe. Consignment buys are the best and often times the most striking. I got my favorite pair of twig skinny pants from Urban Outfitters for about $20 and the white top from H&M for around $12. My favorite Betsey Johnson shoes are making a second appearance on the blog, I consider these my formal sneaker, worn to elevate my casual looks. This is my go-to uniform for the days when I want to be more minimal yet still sophisticated. Blazer, Denim, and a sneaker. Thank you to Kendall Jackson for photographing this look. I'm obsessed with these shots! Follow him on instagram @kendallnjackson and check out his work at! Do you like this look? Let me know what you think and follow me on instagram to keep up with the blog! @whitneysylvain



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