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Every year around this time many of us recognize the faults in the previous year, and vow to correct these flaws to make a change for the upcoming new year. Yes, I’m referring to the already-forgotten-by-April promises we make to change our ways and “turn over a new leaf” the concept known all too well to many optimists at the start of every year, yes, New Year’s resolutions.

But just as often as we make these resolutions, we habitually give up on them. So to this I say, to hell with resolutions. Here’s an important A to-do list for the new year, to lead you on the path of true self exploration and internal & external growth!

#1. Become More Self Aware

Do this for yourself, but also, do this for the people around you. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been around those who didn’t know themselves and they say or do cringe inducing things that just make people annoyed, or even worse, uncomfortable. People who are self-aware know themselves, and people who know themselves are aware of the energy they put out in the world and are constantly trying to maintain or improve that energy. They are not comfortable or complacent, thus believe that growth is the goal. These people ultimately make overall better people, and better leaders.

#2. Revaluate Some of Your Relationships

That friend that constantly ditches the night-of? Or barely bothers to answer the phone or text back? Maybe they shouldn’t be cut off just yet, but she/he may need to be placed at arm’s length…always remember, you can love & enjoy someone from a distance. Some friendships may need to deescalate down the hierarchy of friendship in order for you to maintain your mental peace.

#3. Go Shopping

New clothes, new attitude. I’m not sure if this is true for everyone, but for me, new clothes really do boost my mood and give me life in a whole new way. Even if I only buy one staple item that I’ve had my eye on for a while, it all makes the difference. I love building my wardrobe, but for those of you who’d rather treat themselves in other ways, definitely do that! Pamper yourself or even invest in that new gadget you’ve been wanting for a while.

#4 Let Go of the “One Day I Will” Clothing

We all own at least one of these. The clothing that has been inevitably sitting in your closet, as we wait for that one day that we’ll lose enough weight to wear it, or use it for a fun DIY to remix the aesthetic. Opening our closets, recognizing that one item, and reminding ourselves to keep it because of the “one day I will” plea needs to stop. Three years after the plea and you still haven’t touched the item nor lost weight to fit into it? It’s time. Get rid of it.

#5 Declutter,

This is like the winter version of spring cleaning. You’ll be surprised what cleaning up your physical surroundings can do for your mood and mental sanity. Grab the garbage bags and que the old school hits because a thorough cleaning is a must! Get rid of the items of no use and the ones that have empty, and sometimes not-so-nice memories associated with them.

Outfit Details:

I love this dress as a New Years Eve look because it reminds me that I don't have to sparkle, to shine. Sparkely clothing is always popular for NYE but I think I'd rather go for something more subtle when celebrating. So trading in the sequin for a fabric with more sheen was mandatory. I got the dress from 579 and paired it with a black H&M turtlececk i found on sale! The longline blazer was from Urban Outfitters, and I go the boots from a random boutique in Louisiana! THe Turtleneck, blazer and boots were a perfect way to cozify my NYE dress.

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