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From my 22 years of experience with the oh so chilly December-February months, winter is good for only three things; makeup that stays in place, an excuse to cancel all plans and stay inside, and reminding me why I love warm weather & spring style so much! One of my favorite aspects of spring style are sunnies! Shades are a good way to top off any look, and they add a level of coolness that is unmatched! And since I recently got these, I had to share them with you! The marble ones, from Francesca’s Closet are so fun & are a full coverage shade for when I’m really trying to sneak a peek and not get caught! The gold ones have a larger frame and are both casual and versatile & have less coverage but still act as a way to block sun, these are also from Francesca's Closet. The pink ones don’t really do a good job of blocking the sun, or haters, but are super cute and can pull together a look, easily. I call them my optimist shades because when I wear them the world looks so much brighter, literally! See my shades below and check the link ( ) to find out your shade shape!

All Photography is by Kendall Jackson. My favorite photographer located in Savannah GA.

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