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No plus one? No problem! Rather your date ditched or they’re just, well, non-existent here’s some guidance to help you navigate the wedding season!

Preparing to go the weddings can be stressful enough, finding the right dress to ensure your ensemble is appropriate, interacting with relative & friends you haven’t seen in ages, and of course, trying to fathom what to do about that plus one you don’t have. It’s like the holidays all over again, but I have a few tips on how to lessen the anxiety, and how to navigate the “What to wear?” question that follows the RSVP.

First, remember, the world’s not going to end if you go solo. Relax, enjoy yourself and socialize. Chances are you’re not the only one in attendance who’s alone. And who knows, you may leave the event with new friends & fun stories!

Be content, and don’t subscribe yourself to society’s standards! You don’t need a plus one girl! And don’t swipe left just to have a date to the event. Refrain from bringing someone you’re mildly interested in or that you see no potential to develop. Do not use someone’s wedding as a first, second, or third date. It’s tacky.

If you’re really that pressed about being there alone, go early, and leave early. Attend the ceremony and enjoy some time at the reception then make your exit. The wedding couple probably won’t even notice, and at least you came.

Don’t make the night about you, or your single-ness. This applies especially if you’ve recently broken up. In the words of Drake “Had a man last year life goes on.” Keep in mind, you’re there to support the bride & groom on their happy day…and self-pity isn’t cute!

Do eat! – because honestly, this is my rule at every function I attend. The catering menu has been curated specifically for the event and it’s free! Ha! Also, have a drink, especially if there’s an open bar. You came to celebrate, remember?! But always in moderation. You can’t be that one drunk guest. Know your limits.

Make sure your look appeals to the dress code. If there is a dress code written on the invitation, follow it. If not, let the wedding location inspire your look, or simply reach out to the bride & groom or wedding coordinator for guidance.

And my final piece of advice, SLAYYYY. (I honestly shouldn’t have to tell you this one!) It’s a wedding, there’s bound to be photos which will likely make it onto the timelines of strangers, haters, or even your ex! Make sure you're Instagram & Facebook ready...just incase. Dateless or not, there’s never an excuse for slacking on the slay!

Speaking of slay, can we talk about my look?! You won’t believe I got this dress for $15 at a consignment shop in New Orleans. Once I realized it had pockets, I was sold! I love it because the silhouette is comfortable and appropriate for so many occasions. Like an outdoor wedding beneath the ethereal oak trees of Savannah Ga.

Always wear comfortable heels, imagine loving the DJ’s mix but not being able to dance because your feet ache. This pair from Lola’s Shoetique is super comfortable. Ladies, please believe me when I say a block heel will take you far in life, and on the dance floor! Don’t miss all the line dancing & fun times because your feet hurt. Avoid the issue by wearing heels you know will make you feel amazing!

Photography by Kendall Jackson, Check him out @thetaintedgent on instgram!

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