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Casual wear is one of my favorite styling categories because...well you'll see below. Check out my full interview with LookVine about my obsession with casualwear & the ins & outs of my perspective on style.

LV: What is one fashion rule you never break?

WS: It's fashion, are there really any rules? LV: What interests you in Casual Wear?

WS: Casual wear seems to be the style of dress that allows us to show their true selves. Casual wear has so many different avenues to explore, unlike occasion wear & sportswear where silhouettes & fabrics tend to be repeated. Casual wear is the category where you have the most opportunity to do what you want with different pieces, silhouettes & styling elements. LV: What styling advice would you give to your younger self?

WS: Less is more, girl. – I had a excessive habit of wearing lots of costume jewelry. While it did help me to explore new trends & discover my likes & dislikes as a fashion-obsessed teen, I could have scaled back on the stacked bracelets and ostentatious necklaces for sure.

LV: How would you describe a perfect Casualwear look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

WS: A perfect casual wear must be comfortable first. Even if the casual look includes heels, the wearer must exude comfort & ease. The perfect casual wear look must also be fashion forward & effortless. My favorite fashion girl Tracee Ellis Ross is the perfect example of this. Her looks are sophisticated, sexy, & cool, without trying!

LV: One tip you would like to give to our readers?

WS: The greatest accessory you can wear is confidence, never leave home without it. Basically, if you’re not comfortable in something there’s no way you can wear it with confidence. So, make sure if you’re choosing to go in a different direction with your style that you do it in a way that makes you feel right & content.

Sort of like this look! I wore this while posing rooftop in LA. The bra, from Victoria's Secret, is a fav because while it was made to be worn under clothes, it's just too cute to stay hidden. The shorts are a thrifted item I got about 6 years ago. I love them because they're so comfy & the denim is super durable, not that cotton/polyester/elastic blend found in the denim of today. I had them for years and at the last minute I finally decided they needed to be distressed. I added an oversized bomber jacket (also thrifted) and a body chain for a little more flare. Topped off with a pair of converse for strolling around the city and my casual wear look is complete!

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