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Since I graduated from college 3 months ago, I’ve probably experienced more self-imposed stress than ever before. I was in a mental rut and under a heap of pressure to “get my life together” in every way. It wasn’t until I purchased a polka dot dress—my first in 4 years—that my happiness was revived and I got a bit closer to old Whit. Okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but the dress somehow uplifted me in a way.

Although there isn’t much styling that went into this outfit, it needed to make the blog, not because of how it made me look, but how it made me feel. The dress was $7 from Forever21. I tried it on, loved the fit, begged myself not to buy it, and continued to swipe my visa any way. I’m usually not a heavy fan of any high-low cut, but the print—and price—had me sold.

So, in honor of this beautiful print, (which I feel is severely underrated) I’m sharing with you all the things I am reluctant to say spark a genuine happiness in me. *You’ve officially entered a no judgement zone* So, here we go.

Watching Old Disney Episodes - Nostalgia is hands down one of my favorite feelings.

When I Wake Up on a Weekend and It’s Raining - This is no doubt a heaven-sent excuse for me to head back to bed…so I do. Even if I sleep until 1pm. Remember our no judgement rule!?

That Hey Big Head Text - Or anything similar, not because I wanted or needed it, but because it simply verifies what I’ve always known to be true; one day, eventually, they always come back.

Declining on A Night Out - Only to stay in my pjs & watch tv. I’m a cancer…is that a good enough excuse?

Sharing the elevator...with no one. Have you ever gotten on an elevator and heard someone walking towards it? Then franticly pressed the door close button so you wouldn’t have to share an elevator with them? Then it closes just in time, so you take your ride up to the 14th floor the way you like it…alone. Rather this was my anti-social side reemerging, or I just simply wasn’t feeling it, I’ve certainly been here (like, more than once!)

Burger King Breakfast - As of lately I’ve had a really strict ‘no-fast food’ policy, and I’ve been doing well with it, but there’s something about a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast croissant enriched with saturated fat & bad-for-me goodness that I can't resist. With the side the tots & orange juice?! UM, Yes.

When Drake & Rihanna Separated…Even If I’ll never actually be his bae, it’s good to know the chance is higher with her not in the picture. Sorry not sorry.

Proving Someone Wrong - I know, I know, I shouldn’t care about rather people underestimate me at all. But damn it feels good.

Wait, there’s more...I asked some of my favorite ppl what they’re reluctant to say makes them happy and here’s some of the answers I got.

“The idea of marrying a rich man”

“Other People”

“Watching cars get towed from my apartment complex”

"When my ex's downgrade"


"Watching other people in love"

"Watching some of my favorite childhood cartoons"

“Seeing someone I know—that I don’t like--fail”

It’s crazy to think that among all the things that put me in good spirits, I forgot polka dots were one of them. They’re so fun & pair well with everything. The print is spontaneous and simply makes me happy, no wonder Minnie Mouse made it her dress print of choice.

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