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There are no rules when fashion is the topic. The lines of fashion are more blurred now than ever before. With trends like dadcore and pastel suiting—polar opposites, yet equally defining the style zeitgeist of our time—being key trends, there’s no greater time to experience fashion and its often-ambiguous consumer and inspiration. Rules don’t apply. For those more reluctant to embrace fashion who still consider the white after Labor Day rule when assessing their fall/winter wardrobe, here’s some tips to help you navigate styling your white pieces this season.

FABRIC MATTERS - White after Labor Day can be achieved particularly if you choose the right fabrics. Leather, suede & fur are perfect, but take a break on linen and chiffon this season.

RULES DON'T APPLY IN FOOTWEAR – Go wild with white footwear, it’s highly encouraged.

PAIR WITH DARKER COLORS - Your white items will pair well with darker tones which will ground the white colors and allow them to look more fall-forward.

LAYER - Button downs, denim, cable knit sweaters all look amazing in white, but try layering them to emphasize that cozy look and make them more ideal for winter weather.

Keep in mind, as long as you wear what’s appropriate for the weather and occasion you’re on the right path.

The look pictured here was so cheap, I purchased the dress from a consignment store, Plato’s Closet for $12. The lace bralette I purchased because I needed something to wear underneath to complete the dress. It cost only $4. The Earrings were $3 from H&M and the handbag was from Century 21. The lace-up sandals are from Call it Spring. I wore the look on a Wednesday evening durign a visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art. The exhibit spoke to me and was a perfect back drop to the lacey details in my look.


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