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With a career in trend forecasting and an eye on every new Instagram-worthy brand, it’s impossible not to fall into the “what’s in, what’s out” of the industry. And with ZARA pumping out every trend like a t-shirt cannon at a Saturday night football game, it can be hard to resist even buying into them. Yes, the pressure of newness and overconsumption is everywhere, and it can feel like we always need a new color, print, or Insta handbag to feel truly fashionable. Often forgetting that fashion is robustly evolving, but style is everlasting (and most of those Instagram handbags aren’t even practical (they make for great photos though!)). So with that, I want to show you just how to prolong the trends that your favorite blogs say are “out”. doesn’t agree. Ask yourself, would it even be personal style if it was subject to the people, and forces around you? It’s gonna be a no for me. Wear what you want. As long as you do it with confidence, style, & grace, you’re good in my book. Read below as I show you just how to re-wear some of your favorite trends of 2018 and how to prolong that spring wardrobe into Winter's peak


Remember last year when everyone had a pair of thigh high boots? And the year before that when we just knew culottes were here to stay? Well, as retailers tell it, neither styles are “of the moment” and you can rarely find them in stores or on blogs. How to prolong their wear? Pair them together! Combine the short, spring-inspired cut of your culottes with your cozy over the knee boots ensuring they overlap for that seamless edgy-cool girl aesthetic (and so you’re not in these streets freezing!). See below how I did it. Also, that denim jacket you own can easily be worn as a top, it’s the perfect heavy-weight fabric & gives that effortless utilitarian aesthetic when buttoned to the top.


Your wool coat feeling a bit dated & dusty? Just add fur. I found this fur collar from Amazon, it adds a little extra for when I’m feeling a little extra.


Stop retiring your summer dresses from November-March! They can be worn over and over in the most winter-ready ways, with some help from the rest of your wardrobe of course. Consider layering a sweater on top of your dress to wear it as a skirt, or a cute blouse beneath it to remix it. Don’t forget the tights and boots, it’s a little chilly out.


The off the shoulder trend is one I certainly have a ton of (my shoulders are actually my favorite part of my body, so I take every opportunity possible to show them off!). Shoulder bearing tops are down trending and being replaced by other sleeve trends. But if you over invested like me & have 8 variations of an off-the-shoulder top, you should continue to wear them, here’s how: take the cozy route. Layer a turtle neck beneath your off the shoulder top, especially if it’s a knit top. See how I did it below.

There’s always a new way to refresh your wardrobe and prolong your pieces! Be inspired by what isn’t on the blogs. Let me know what you think about my Lessons on Layering P and follow on Instagram @whitneysylvain for more!

Also, I do apologize for my failure to post since Louisiana. Transitioning into NY lifestyle/weather/bills have taken much of my time and energy. I have to do better. If I could write a book about my transition to New York, I would, because ya’ll need this tea lol but thanks for reading & following! I’ll be back soon!


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