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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

While spring weddings will forever reign supreme, there will always be nuptials that happen outside the lines of springtime. With the temperature changes and the inability to wear certain colors & silhouettes, navigating a Fall wedding wardrobe can be a bit challenging. Below, you’ll find my favorite trends you should consider wearing to fall weddings. Read further for the most dazzling and least offensive options to wow wedding goers and not upstage the bride—but come really close.

JUMPSUITS - One silhouette that never gets old is jumpsuits. To stay fabulous in the fall temperatures, go for an all-in-one. A power pant is always a regal way to step into the reception.

DARK FLORALS - We want to exude that golden flirtations aura that naturally oozes from partygoers at spring weddings. Florals can easily read light, airy, and high spring. Go for dark florals so your ensemble stays far away from looking seasonally challenged. Emit that pretty feminine aura but make it transitional with dark bases to your floral prints. Dark florals also work best for daytime fall weddings. See my rendition of dark florals here.

TIP: Style with a moto jacket and sock booties to ground your florals.

JEWEL TONES – Jeweled tones are essential to any fall party wardrobe. Take vibrant hues into fall by opting for darker, more mysterious versions of your favorite colors. Rather you’re choosing deep ruby, emerald green, understated citrus, or midnight sapphire, you’ll be camera-ready for the photos the occasion will inevitably bring.

GLITTER KNITS - A great fall festive option is a glitter knit dress. The fabric falls perfectly on the body and clings in the right places. It’s also a very comfortable option if you actually intend on dancing at the weddings. Pair your glitter knit dress with a bootie or pump and a fun clutch.

TIP: Style glitter knits with matte accessories. Ex. Don’t wear glitter knits with a metallic bag or shoe (in very specific cases this works). However, glamorous earrings are approved.


Now Let’s Get Into The Look:

The dress is from Urban outfitters and the anklet is from Topshop. The shoes are from ZARA and the earrings from Forever21. I'd consider wearing this look with a moto jacket and boot to make it more fall appropriate for future wear.

Let me know what you think of my advice & look in the comments!

Photography by my favorite photographer @allthingsbklyn on instagram

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