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ALL HAIL THE BLAZER – 4 Ways to Wear it - Style Video Inside!

Of all the wardrobe staples we put on a pedestal, blazers have undoubtedly been the most consistent. A good blazer is the foundation of a well-rounded wardrobe. Blazers add sophistication and style to any look; effortlessly top off your jeans and t-shirt with a statement bootie & blazer to take it up a notch. I styled this grid print blazer 4 different ways to show just how versatile it is and it looks different worn with every outfit. See my looks below and where you can find a blazer just like this one.

LOOK 1: Casual Chill

The blazer is styled here for casual events like running errands, hanging with friends, or simply being productive in your local coffee shop. I styled it with joggers and platform sneakers to relax the blazer a bit ( okay sophisticated sporty-spice!). The gold hoops are necessary, and the sleeveless turtleneck makes the look very chic & fall appropriate.

TIP: Choose to wear a belt or fanny pack to accentuate the waist so your figure isn’t lost in an oversized blazer.

LOOK 2: Date Night in Neon

This look is elevated and electric. As you can tell by the midriff exposure and neon trend, sex-appeal and sass are major components here. I paired my blazer with a denim straight-leg pant and a green strappy heel. The snake print belt tied it all together.

TIP: Make sure to pair straight-leg pants like this pair with a heel. They fall easier (and don’t puddle at the ankles) and they make you look longer & sleeker.

LOOK 3: After Six Slay

For this look, I print blocked the leopard and grid print blazer to create a simple and sophisticated look for happy hour. The turtleneck makes the leg-bearing ensemble look fall appropriate. The sock boots add more warmth and the golden chandelier earrings add some play to a stuffy blazer and turtle neck combo.

TIP: If one of your prints is colorful, go for a more subtle black and white print to pair for more visually appealing print-blocking.

LOOK 4: Werking Class

I paired the blazer with an olive skirt from Marsté and a trendy pair of white boots. Blazers have always been aligned with workwear, I paired it with the band t-shirt to remind us not to take blazers too seriously. The leopard belt was an easy transition from the skirt to the t-shirt.

TIP: If you feel your look is disconnected, belts always work as a way to seamlessly transition from top to bottom.

One Blazer, 4 Ways.

Videography/Photography: @avbrown_photography & @damianemile

Music: @godssoneli

Editing: @katie_forsha

Stylist: @whitneysylvain

Styling Assitant: @jalejapage

Special Thanks: @theriviereagency Milan Snap Skirt @marstefashion

This style video was a project I did as the Fashion Contributor for Sheen Magazine! You'll be seeing more Sheen Style Videos in the future! What do you think and what would you like to see me style next?

Let me know by commenting below!


GET THE LOOK: See below for my favorite blazers to style for yourself.

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