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My perspective on fall weather has drastically changed since I’ve moved from Louisiana to New York a little over a year ago. Before moving here, I never really owned a true winter coat, and the idea of shopping for snow boots had never crossed my mind before. So as you can imagine when I touched down to Louisiana to celebrate the holidays, I was super excited to embrace the warm and welcoming, leave-your-coat-at-home, 70-degree weather. I could finally wear a cute outfit and not have it concealed with a jacket or scarf. This was truly a blessing.

It was a great holiday season, but as I pack up to head back to the ridged and unfamiliar NYC weather, I’ll be more prepared than ever with a few items I now consider to be essentials if you intend on experiencing a fashionable winter in NYC.

A Versatile Sweater - Preferably a turtleneck (because what's sexier than a turtle neck?! ) Dress it up or down wear it to the office or out for drinks. And choose an understated metallic that'll last far beyond the holiday season.

Lip Balm – The most essential itmen on this list. I have a stick in every bag I own. Lip balm should definitely be a top priority. Prevent the chaptivity and thank me later.

Knee High Socks – I cringe when I see exposed ankles in 30-degree weather. Polish the look of your booties (and keep warm) with a pair of crew/knee-high socks. Black is a versatile color, but I have a plum pair that I love styling with. I also scrunch them down outside of fitted pants for a cleaner look.

A Fur Collar - Does last season's outerwear feel outdated? Revive your wool coat with a faux fur collar that's a similar color of the coat. Make sure to get one that can attach to the coat or to itself so it stays put during those windy days.

Mesh Long Sleeve Top - I'm a summer girl, my wardrobe was built for warm weather. (Really. I thrive in July) so that means lightweight dresses and sleeveless tops all day every day. But whenever the weather drops below 50 degrees, I find myself wondering how I can make my sleeveless tops appropriate for the more chilly days. Well, I found a little trick. Mesh Long sleeve tops! Perfect for layering under your sleeveless tops for chilly days at the office or when en route to a warm venue like a party or club. It's great because you don't look seasonally challenged (while wearing a sleeveless top in the winter) but you also don't have to deal with the bulkiness of a sweater when you're going somewhere that may be a little warm. See how I styled my mesh top below to make this corset look more fall-appropriate.

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