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  • Whitney Sylvain


I love a good mantra/affirmation/positive self talk moment so I wanted to share a few that I’m keeping in mind during this rebirth:

Nothing you want us is unreasonable, too big, or scarce. (This is my #1 mantra right here!)

Being right is not more important than getting it right.

You can have everything that you want in this world if you stop listening to people who tell you that you can’t.

Scarcity mentality will get you nowhere. There will always be more.

You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.

Clap for others. Your time is coming.

Pulled some of these gems from the brilliant podcasts I’ve been bingeing & ofcourse @wetheurban & I had to share!

Photography by Nick Linson

Dress: @ronnykobo

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