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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

First thing's first, how you doing? We gotta have our mental health check-ins because we can't function if we're at full capacity filled to the brim with stress and anxiety. I hope you are well, truly.

On to what you came here for. Today I'm talking black-owned brands---ones I've actually used. I’ll admit in the past I’ve definitely taken the easy way out and tapped into mass market retailers because they were just more convenient but honey, the black dollar is being redistributed. I’m making a more strategic effort to shift my coins to support black-owned companies wherever I can. Before I write about every black owned brand you should be shopping or all the new-found ones that I'm excited to find, I thought it would make most sense for me to start by sharing some black-owned brands and companies that I’ve actually personally used or supported before. Read further for all the black-owned brands that I’m loving right now!

Shive NOLA - This New Orleans based brand was founded by one of my favorite creators and highlights New Orleans’ one of a kind culture and spirit. Ain’t no cut and paste logos over here, sis! The designs, logos, and prints are hand crafted by graphic designer Taylor Plummer, who's perfectionism I can speak to directly. The quality of the merchandise is top notch because they are made with premium cotton. @shive.nola

Black Girl Bravado Podcast - This podcast is #1 on my consumption list for multiple reasons. The hosts promote self-awareness, self-work, and self-grace while being candid and really funny. It's real home girl vibes on The Black Girl Bravado podcast and these ladies are such a joy to listen to. I made it a point to highlight this podcast because they’ve been severely improving the quality of my life right now. Tune in and hopefully you’ll agree.

Honey Pot - I was introduced to this brand at Essence Beauty Carnival in 2019 and they sell feminine products that help to revitalize and maintain your honey pot! They’re now sold at Target which gives their brand more visibility. This is huge. So, tap in!

Queendom Aesthetics - I learned about this brand from my sister. And by “learned about” I mean I used all her products until it was time for me to start investing in my own. The skincare is handmade and black owned. We love to see it.

Design Essentials - Design Essentials gets me right very time. My hair dresser referred the brand a while back and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It's the only brand I use to wash and condition my hair.

Alchemy Body Shop Candles - The brand's philosophy is rooted in unity, love, gratitude, purity, and faith which is captured in their sustainable products. Like, the spirit of the brand is in the products y'all! I can't make this up. The lavender candle is perfect. It's literally the only thing that soothes me after a long day.

Cushnie - All of my friends know that if there is one brand I can say that aligns perfectly with my aesthetic, it would be Cushnie. I’ve been a fan since day one but their SS16 collection stole my heart and put them in first place. So, you can imagine that when the Cushnie X Target collaboration released last week I ran to Target (yes, risking a possible run in with Rona) and I had to pick up some pieces. I ended up buying 3 really cute dresses, one of which I'm wearing in this post. Still stocking up my coins to get the real deal, but in the mean time I'll be twirling around in these until that day comes.

Aya Paper Co. - Not only are these greeting cards black owned, they’re inspired by black culture and black experiences. Put a smile on your loved one's faces and get them a greeting card to celebrate their next milestone!

I’ve been supporting and shopping these for a while now and you should too!♥️ The dress I’m wearing is from Carly Cushnie’s recent Target collaboration find it here. The t-shirts are From Shive Nola find them here.

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