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If you have a tough time letting go of clothes you no longer wear; feel uninspired by the clothes in your closet, are looking to elevate your style to reach your full potential, or don’t know which colors and silhouettes work best for your body type, this total closet refresh is the service for you!

I will come to your home or digitally help you determine which clothes and accessories are worth holding on to and why. 

During our session you will:

  • Eliminate dead weight pieces & highlight purchases that can stay

  • Learn which colors and silhouettes work best for your body type and why

  • Learn how to shop your closet and create new outfits with your existing wardrobe

  • Receive a customized shopping guide, which identifies the key pieces you are missing in your wardrobe and provides you with direction for your future purchases

By the time our session is over you more confident, and refreshed!!

Then I will ask you a few questions and create a mood board, based on your indications. Following with the Closet Chat, including shoes and accessories. Next, I will “pre-shop” for you based on your budget and the list created during the Closet Chat. You will develop your ability to identify the most flattering colors and silhouettes for your body type throughout the process.

Going forward you will feel less overwhelmed, be able to shop more efficiently, and with confidence! 


This includes 3 fully accessorized outfits + 2 revisions (need more looks? Ask about packages). We will start with a consultation. You will send your sizes, measurements, photos of your figure, any preferences and your desired budget. I will curate a personalized shoppable digital look book for you. This service is ideal for someone who is looking for outfits for a particular occasion. (Birthday outfits, vacation wardrobe, work trip, speaking engagements, graduation dresses, galas, wedding season etc). I can incorporate existing items from your wardrobe alongside new pieces within your shopping budget.


Do you have a last-minute date or event and need feedback or help to decide on an outfit? Have you found a few pairs of shoes you like but want expert advice to help you decide which one to purchase?

If you need some quick or last-minute advice, then this is the service for you. We will chat via Zoom for one hour!


Are you looking for something specific and need help finding it? Discuss with me the item you need and the amount you want to spend, and I will do the searching for you. Once I have finished my search, I will send you the links to all the viable options.


Whether you are going on a business trip for work or away on vacation, choosing what to pack is never easy. I will help you determine what essentials to bring with you and even show you the best way to pack. You will learn tips such as the best way to minimize wrinkles in your clothes. 


Please enter your name, email, and what you are hoping to achieve with your style consultation. In 2-3 business days you will receive a quote or a follow up regarding a free 15 min consultation to further discuss your needs.

Thanks for submitting!

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