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My favorite thing about the New Year is always the resolution I make to build and enhance my wardrobe! I spend a lot of time trend watching and thought I'd save you the trouble! So, here's some trend alerts on what to wear and suggestions for what not to wear in 2017!

1. Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet had a moment in 2016, it was seen in lingerie, shoes, chokers, & every other fashion piece you can think of! So, let's take a pause on the trend & scale it down a bit. True velvet or even suede are good alternatives for the trend which needs to be retired. If you;re not yet ready to retire this trend, try mixing it with the fabrics mentioned earlier to refresh the crushed velvet trend!

2. Plain Super Stretch Skinny Jeans

Honestly, the super stretch skinny began making its decline A few years ago after reining supreme for ages. I think we will continue to see this trend, but it will slowly be replaced by vintage denim silhouettes with eccentric hem lines. Little differences in denim have always been an easy way to elevate a look while still maintaining that casual vibe.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism has been a favorite by simple & classic loving fashionistas everywhere but in 2017 I predict it'll be amped up a bit by new twists on those classic silhouettes & styles. Classic minimalism will slowly transition into edgy minimalism.

4. Band T-shirts

This trend made a major impression on year 2016 especially millennials, with the ripped & bleached band tees paired with thigh high boots and denim shorts. This combo was seen countless times at every concert & event you could think of. The distressed band tshirt trend is done & needs to be retired.

5. Plain Sneakers

Next up to be replaced is plain classic sneakers! I think you should replace those plain shoes with witty & fun sneakers. Styles with patches, embroidery, satin, velvet and other new fabrics are a good way to pump up your sneaker wardrobe. They're so versatile & comfortable & are The perfect shoe to pull off that fashion forward sporty athleisure look. Check out the ones below from Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, and Gucci!

5. Thin Heels

You may be pleased to learn that 5inch+ thin heels are slowly fading out of style and being replaced by a more practical & comfy type of heel. Chunky heels are beginning to be seen much more often. Now, I love a good heel, thin or chunky, but I think chunky heels will certainly make a much larger impression in 2017.

6. Embroidery

Another trend I'm forecasting for 2017 is embroidery. Embroidered everything! Embroidered Leather jackets, heels, bags, and most commonly embroidered denim. Check out these embroidered styles from Zara. Gucci, Topshop, and Lola's Shoetique

7. Fishnets

The next trend you can expect to see in 2017 are fishnet stockings. Seen on major fashion enthusiasts and bloggers, the trend is most often worn under denim jeans. Use it to bring more life to your distressed denim, accessorize a leg bearing skirt or dress and add character to any shoe!

8. Mules Mules Mules!

Mules which really made a huge impression on 2016 will make an even larger one on 2017. Check your favorite bloggers Instagram, you'll definitely see a pair of mules. The trend is growing and going nowhere. Check out the Ones below from Zara, ASOS, Steve Madden and Forever21.

9. Clear Heels

Another trend I don't want to see in 2017 are the clear, plastic heels. I was never a true fan, but even if I was the shoe has had their moment already. It's time to let it go. I hope you didn't invest too much in a pair of these because they won't last in 2017.

I hope this helped to make your wardrobe the best yet! Happy New Year!

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