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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA! In honor of the badgal’s birthday, I’m counting down some of my favorite looks! She’s given us so much life and style moments it’s really hard to choose my favorites, but as you’ll see I’m pretty obsessed with her street style moments most. And as she’s shown us time and time again, Rihanna can also slay a red carpet look to pieces!

1. Do you remember this pajama street style look Ri wore? The Faustine Steinmetz coordinates look so comfy on Ri but are still super edgy and stylish worn with these puma lace up booties! She make street style took so effortless honestly.

2. Remember this street style look? When Ri wore this, it was literally all over the web. I love this look, which was from the Alexander Wang X H&M collection! Few people can slay an outfit like this and still look like they put zero effort into it, but I think Rihanna has mastered the trick.

3. By now you should know that I love a good monochrome moment! And this pretty in pink ensemble was perfect for the TV appearance Ri was heading to that day! Her style is so versatile I love how she can wear classic styles yet still expose her innovative style.

4. I was so obsessed with this look when I first saw it! Rihanna wore this Altuzzara dress with lace-up Manolo Bahnik heels to the Roc Nation brunch a few years ago. This look is so fresh, I love the minimalistic effort put into it. I’ve been trying to find pieces to recreate this look for years, no success yet, but I’ll be sure to show you when I do!

5. Love Love Love Ri and this look just as much as she loves to wear this Louis Vuitton purse! It’s such an easy look and honestly I think that true elegance & confidence is always best displayed when wearing the most minimal outfit.

6. Seriously, every time I look at this woman I feel like I need to do some more shopping! I love this look. It’s so effortless & simple but to me, so glamorous. I’m not sure if I could pull off a baseball cap and a pair of heels, but this look has me wanting to try it!

7. Finally, this very simple look was another one of my favorite street style moments from Ri. The effortlessness of her hair and makeup really do enhance the overall look. I can’t wait until it’s spring so I can dress like this again! What’s your favorite Rihanna street style look? I hope you all liked this article stay tuned for more blog posts this week I know most of these looks are a little dated, but I love them so much I had to revive them for this post!

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