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We've made it through the winter & spring is finally here! To help you prepare your wardrobe, I'm showing you some of the top trends for the season and where you can find them! Keep reading for all the trends you need to know this season!


Prepare to expose those shoulders because the cold shoulder trend is huge in retail for spring. This trend, which is an adaptation of the off-the-shoulder trend (which literally conquered the fashion world during spring & summer 2016) is flattering, versatile, and works on every body type! There’s no doubt the trend will accelerate your wardrobe (in the best way ever!). I predicted last year that styles that are shoulder bearing will replace styles that are midriff bearing and I believe that this will continue to happen in spring2017 all the way through summer.

The cold shoulder trend is a simple way to be feminine, sexy, and trendy. You can find this trend on high end fashion runways as well as at retailers! The styles below are from Revolve, ASOS, and Club Monaco.


The embroidery trend seems to be produced in every style of clothing! Embroidery is seen in many different fashion styles including leather jackets, block heels, sneakers, and most commonly denim items and jeans. While brands like Gucci have displayed the trend in more sophisticated and innovative ways, embroidered denim and sneakers seem to be a favorite for a casual spring wardrobe. I think the embroidery tend is one that is unique and feminine, especially for spring time. The styles below are from Moth Clothing, Revolve, & Grlfrnd Denim.


One color we can’t and won’t stop seeing anytime soon is blush pink. If you’re super trendy, you probably already own an item or two in this color. This dusted rose pink trend makes it simple for everyone to stay on trend, because it’s literally everywhere. Blush pink is the perfect tone for both Winter and Spring and proves this by maintaining its popularity from season to season.

This specific tone of pink may be one of the most defining colors of the millennial movement. The color is very versatile and can be dressed up and dressed down. It complements blue denim perfectly and it also complements itself well. It’s one of the best colors to style mono chromatically. The styles below are from Lolashoetique, House of CB, Topshop, & Puma.


On your Mark, Get Set, Go! And pick up a pair of this new pant trend, that is! Luxury track pants are becoming a major trend right now! The track pant trend is a product of the athleisure aesthetic currently in fashion. People want more casual and comfortable silhouettes and instead of shopping around regular retailers for them, they just go to sportswear brands

But fashion girls aren’t wearing track pants with track jackets, oh no, too basic. We’re wearing the trend in a more elevated way paired with heels and layered for a more luxe look.

Track pants allow fashionistas to be comfortable, yet still fashion forward and sporty rocking the double stripes on the legs of the pants. Those stripes elongate the body and make you look taller and longer. Track pants also incorporate a slit hemline. This detail adds a more effortless, and stylish look to every outfit.


Deconstructed Minimalism has been a very popular trend for the past few seasons. We started off seeing it in sweaters and shirting from designers like Monse, Hood by Air, and Alexander Wang. Now, we see deconstructed minimalism in outer wear pieces, especially blazers. We see this trend with a larger neckline, re worked seams, and also with other fabrics in addition to suiting fabrics (like knitwear and tweeds.)

This trend is for the fashion forward sophisticated woman. It’s often seen belted at the waist to accentuate your natural silhouette and make it more tailored.


Bow down to the shoe of the moment and head to your favorite fashion retailer to get a pair because MULES & slides are taking over this season! They are the perfect substitute to your summer sandals. This shoe trend was very popular in the 90’s on shows like Sex and the City and now fashionable women of the current time are making it trendy again!

Although this trend re-emerged many seasons ago, it’s continuing to be the shoe trend of Spring 2017. The mules trend is a major one in footwear and is a style that is very versatile! We’ve seen this shoe trend in very dressy and casual ways and in styles like flats, block heels, stilettos and even in sneakers!

Mules have been perfect for Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and now it will continue into the Spring of 2017 as the shoe of the moment! Check out retailers like Topshop and Revolve for the styles seen below.


Aside from exfoliating, moisturizing, and drinking lots of water, another thing you need to do to prepare for spring is invest in a tiny statement bag! The tiny statement bag trend is here and just in time to accessorize your spring wardrobe! For a long time it was appropriate and acceptable to have one neutral bag that went with every outfit. Now, we see handbags in a way that is more relaxed and fun! Women don’t care if their handbags match their shoes, or if it even matches their outfit. We just want fun, elevated, functional, and unique handbags that complete our looks.

The statement bag trend is seen in different colors, but most importantly different silhouettes. I think this trend has derived from the idea that not everything needs to be super outfit specific and forced. It builds on the idea that fashion should be fun, and unexpected.

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