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What can I say? Tall girls wear midi skirts better! The skirt was thrifted and I think it cost no more than $10-$15. I love silhouettes like this because it’s a simple way to show off my height without showing my legs. I paired the pleated midi skirt with a fun crop top and my favorite Calvin Klein moto-jacket! The boots were $32 from Urban Outfitters (originally $104! Or, something like that.) I snagged them when they had this amazing online sale last year around this time. ***The best sales are when the seasons change and weather transitions. Right now you should be buying your boots & coats for next Winter, they’re all on sale!***. The necklace is from Aldo (best accessories, hands down!). For me, crop tops are always a favorite to be paired with high waist items, I feel like it complements this long torso of mine! I snagged it from my sister’s closet, and if we’re being honest, having a sister is one of the best things that’s ever happened to my wardrobe. Lol see more details of the look below and tell me what you think!

DSC00651 (1)

DSC00635 (2)
DSC00640 (1)

Photography by Nick Linson

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