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SWIMSUIT SEASON! - the one place that sells all of the trendiest suits!

My summer spent in Miami was so rewarding. As you can imagine, it consisted of lots of shopping, brunching, and a ton of beaching! With my beach going, of course came some iconic swimsuit moments! Check them out below & find out where I got them all from!

I found this bronze one piece at Forever 21, the color looked perfect next to my new sun-kissed skin! I also love the fit & silhouette. It's simple & easy for those days spent relaxing oceanside.

I claimed this high neck bikini a few years ago also from Forever21 and it's never failed me since! The cut, color, & silhouette is a trend & a classic!

I was dying to find a high rise & high cut swimsuit & when I did, I was so pumped that it literally fit perfectly, was a good color & inexpensive! Not to mention super flattering & makes my legs look longer! Can you guess where I got it? Yep, Forever 21! Tell me what you think!

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