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You know those events that are a little bit casual, but also a bit formal? Yep. Those events that require you come correct, but not do the most. (Baby showers, brunch, work gatherings, and events with no dress codes at all) I was invited to a conference a few weekends ago and I wasn’t sure what to wear initially. On one hand, I knew some important people would be there so I wanted to dress well. And on the other, I had post-conference plans which didn’t require a full formal look (and by post-conference plans, I definitely mean a trip to Trader Joe’s lol). Seriously, those in-between events can be a little challenging to dress for, it’s really all about balance. Balancing silhouettes, cuts, fabrics, and color. all for a cohesive look. Read further for my tips on how to "Make It Work" (In my Tim Gunn voice of course!)

GO FOR DARK WASH DENIM: If you must wear denim to an event, opt for a darker wash. Dark wash denim is much more elevated in comparison to lighter washes. Choose black denim or deep blues to take your look up a notch for those events that require you to look sophisticated, but not too formal.

BLAZERS: I recognized the power of blazers at the age of 16. How can I get respect? And how can I look damn good while doing it? Blazers refined my looks then and made people approach me with respect (especially when the lunch bell rang, which is where it all mattered!). Granted, I was a high schooler. Life—and people—have tested me many times since then, so I know it’s a bit tougher to receive that same respect. But blazers are still a good start.

LET YOUR BLAZER HANG, CORRECTLY: For a more polished look, pair longer blouses with blazers that hit the hem of your top or go beyond. This creates a cleaner look overall. I purchased this periwinkle style from H&M at the start of fall—yes it was on sale.

SHOE AND TELL: If there's one thing we learned from Carrie Bradshaw (amongst other necessary closet advice), it's that shoes are the one accessory that can literally make or break a look. What a tragic it is to have a bomb look with only lack luster footwear to top it off. I chose this green Gianni Bini pair because they easily accent the hints of green in my blouse. The darker green metallic color grounds the entire look especially with the lighter colors up top.

TIE IT ALL TOGETHER: Yellow, orange, green, can I get away with color blocking so ostentatiously? This multicolored stripe blouse ties the entire look together because it has a touch of each color in it.

SOPHISTICATED TOPS: Asymmetrical blouses—done exceptionally well like this DVF one—add dimension to the look. Anything that flows away from the body naturally reads as more sophisticated. So even paired back to denim it feels right for the occasion.

JUMPSUITS: Not pictured, but I certainly debated wearing one to this event. Jumpsuits can be casual and paired with the right items they can be elevated, making them the perfect solution for an in-between event dress code.


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